Friday, January 9, 2009

Leech Lover Final

Committing to this one, in the series of "Ten Worst Jobs in Science," was knowing I'd save this one for the end - it was going to be a number of steps.  While the initial pencil had a number of leeches for this scientist that was knee-deep studying them, I cloned them early on.  But I knew I could use the pencil layer at the final for correct placement of the initially drawn leeches.


Jack said...

Wow! You kicked the pages of this magazine wide open and upgraded the article a billion percent with your work--you have won me over as a big fan!!!

Trip said...

Thanks, Jack! Wow back, but I've worked with the Art Director before with another magazine, so he has "upgraded" with me (and thanks to him, continues to want more work). Moral - there's always people helping you, no one is an island.

maicher said...
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