Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I wanted to challenge myself with a character I had not yet tried, this one being a golden-aged, Florida crocodile. This was for myself, so I was the only real judge here on what looks right, but I always start with a number of quick, down and dirty thumbnails until I get a good shape, silhouette, and pose that feels grounded to me.

Once I settled on a pose and shape I think I liked best, I redid the pencil a number of times using basic tracing paper.  I then scanned it in.

A first pass at watercolor in Painter and I'm able to see a basic dimensionality to him.

Now that the basic color palette is there, I stay in Painter with layers of digital watercolor shading.

The final touches below, various light streams, blurs and highlights, this time in Photoshop.

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