Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lemme Tell You a Story

The problem with loving to draw characters, is that you inherently feel the need to wrap a number of them into a cast that play out in your head...which then leads an illustrator to thinking they can write! Here are three works in progress that prove this scary theory and how it plays out right here:


When a spoiled rotten alien adolescent who has had everything given to him is accidentally pummeled light years away from his cushy planetary surroundings, he is forced to socialize with earth's earliest evolutionary life forms. But when forced into survival mode, will he be accepted by their more advanced creatures, or treated as an outsider as he often did to others back home?

Please Enjoy Your Stay:

When the extreme-fun, risk-taking, dare-devilling Studsky family answers an ad calling for just such a group to embark on the thrill of a lifetime, they find themselves unknowingly trapped in a climate-controlled bubble on the face of Mars. Quickly the Studskys realize they are not alone: an equally extreme yet more destructive family of (disgusting), nomadic aliens become their next-door neighbors. Our favorite Studskys soon find their days on this extreme mission may very well be numbered! It is up to Allen Studsky, their only down-to-earth son (who just happens to be the least extreme of all them all), to use his book-smarts and quick wit to save their soon to be radioactively-cooked tooshies. But can he save his family before their alien neighbors destroy everything and head on down the street to their next destructive stop - Earth?

Fraidy Katz:

What happens when a rich, reclusive, adventure-seeking grandfather gives his grandson (who is afraid of almost everything) a million dollars if he can only stay in his eerie mansion, filled with every possible creepy crawly imaginable, for the entire summer?

Will it be the deal of the boy's life…or will it

scare him completely to death?

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