Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dumb Clucks

For Rotten School's last book, "Dumb Clucks (Book 16)," we needed to show Bernie really getting it by the school's new TV hero of the week, Super Chicken. I can't tell you how good a bunch of holiday gifts these books would make (okay, shameless, gratuitous, self-promotion inserted here).

The pencil needed to show Bernie bridges getting slammed over and over by SuperChicken's tauntingly merciless eggings over the head.

A first pass of color in the watercolor tool gave me some basic shadings and detail.

Cloning several detailed feathers helped stack them all over the chicken's body accordingly, and once the patterns were there I was able to clone curved feathers to other areas as well.

Adding the frame helps me see what is going to be seen and what's in the way of the crest logo. Highlights and motion blurs added to help give the look an animated motion to Bernie getting egged. More feathers are added on the Chicken to smooth out their feel.

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