Sunday, January 24, 2010


For this postcard entry to the Brownstones to Red Dirt Auction site, I knew I wanted to play off the pen pal theme of kids writing each other practically halfway around the world. What better way than to show this than with native birds handing off these very letters?

After deciding which type of birds to use (the NY Pigeon species being a no-brainer given the locales of these kids, I picked and chose parts I liked from various failed characters.

Then it was a matter of breaking out the dreaded paints, brushes, things my Mac has spoiled me from. The cards were literally thinly slices of a sort of white pine, so we're drawing on wood. Very porous, drank up the watercolor, etc. I resulted in breaking out some trusted color pencils and pen tips.


Brian Bell said...

I am new to following your blog. Great work, I wanted to ask you what programs you use for your illustration(I am a graphic designer and into fine arts, but have just recently gotten interested in Illustration).. I know of Painter 11 and what not, but I wanted to know the experts advise. Thanks,

Trip Park said...

Happy to help (but I'm NO expert), I love Painter (11), but always love Photoshop too. I literally will go from one to another during one illustration...different things one each one can do at times. Blurs for example, not on Painter, but a ton of blue options in Photoshop.