Saturday, January 22, 2011

New York Pigeon

Last time we were in New York City, I found a simple, iron fencing around some ivy at the base of a tree. There's thousands like this in New York, and you see them all the time. But like so many things in the city, when you work there you take simple things like this for granted - it really was a neat little image. I stalked a nearby pigeon, taking a few shots until I got one I liked of him (or her) in stride...

Crudely, I photoshopped the guy into the front of this scene.

An early layout and initial color pass. I always hate looking at these in this rough part - just want to speed to the end where I see it in my head!

I only took one shot of this in progress as I got so into it so quickly it was done (I think) in less than two hours. Painting on Painter is great, but it's fun to go back and toss some old school brushes around once in a while. This piece is also up on Etsy.

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