Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rotten Kindle

But I say that in a good way - as I just saw all the Rotten School books on Kindle now, and while I loved how the B&W images looked in print - they really translated back into digital watercolor images nicely. Thank you Painter. These would be great things for kids going to Summer Camps people (- I'm just sayin')!

This was Book 2, or The Great Smelling Bee. Sherman Oaks' robotic pet cat takes on Headmaster Upchuck's left leg in a, well, cat fight. Here's a look at the pencil.

Then the final in watercolor, well, Painter watercolor. The pin stripes were a stumbled-upon fun trick - I painted a layer of gray with all the shading - dried it, then added a solid darker layer of gray all over. A white, thin brush in the (still) wet layer stripped away all the stripes, revealing the lighter layer of shaded gray below.

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