Tuesday, July 5, 2016

No time for fishin'

So while I have not had a chance to fish this summer - doesn't mean I can't paint the darn things! Here was a stab at a Tarpon, and I have never caught one of these either. Heard they're fighters and fun to reel in…well, this was one pretty fun to paint! And I didn't even have to get wet.
loose pencil
color study on the iPad

in progress

framed and ready to swim away.


Denise Rose said...

Love your style! Going from mainly painting in oils to doing some acrylics now (much faster drying time!!). Want to do some color studies first on my iPad too - what program/app is it you do these in? I'm pretty good tech wise but haven't played too much with the iPad lately and don't know what's out there. It seems from looking at your posts that you scan in your sketch then color it? Anyway, love what you are doing and am going to do some more fun painting with acrylics soon!

Trip Park said...

I think the app is called Sketchpad.