Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blast from the Jay Ward past!

All you have to do is look at this Jay Ward original retro box, now out on cereal shelves everywhere, to get a feel for why I fell in love with animation through advertising. I was able to work on several fun icons (Seven-Up Spot, Keebler Elves, Ronald McDonald, Various Fruit by the Foot animated oddities, etc.) through advertising as an Art Director over a number of years...

...and with that I loved taking the Cap'n and putting him in a 3-D (rotoscoped) environment for the first time ever! I think I even got to get his quirky Cap'n's famous hat wet here - sorry Cap'n! More on this storyboard and animation props, and design can be seen here (storyboards) and here (character design, submarine design, ancillary characters' design).

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