Monday, November 29, 2010

THE FULL Spaceman Stu SONG!!!

The responses to YouTube to Spaceman Stu was unreal! But something we kept reading over and over again was, "please give us the full song." Well, just in time for the season of giving, here it is! This is the full Spaceman Stu Song from the McDonald's commercial on which I worked. It can only be found here for now, but should things progress like I hear, you'll be able to download it through McDonald's own site.

Now if you want to see and comment on YouTube (go here), but here is the original commercial in its full :30:


Wolfie said...

A few questions...

Who made and sung the song?

Was the song originally just the commercial and then expanded due to the demand or was it already a song popularized because of the commercial?

Will there be any Spaceman Stu 'sequels'?

Who owns the copyrights to Spaceman Stu (the character, the song, etc)?

Trip Park said...

Pete Schmidt of Comma Music did the song for ad agency Leo Burnett (both in Chicago);

The song was just for the commercial but demand prodded the agency to get a full rendition out.

No sequels to Stu planned, but more commercials in this fun McDonald's campaign are very soon.

And Leo Burnett is the agency of record with regards to the production of the spot, thanks! TP

Wolfie said...

Thanks for the fast reply.

Kind of sad that there's no sequels planned. I think it had the potential to become a favorite kids character as more than just a McD's commercial.

Don't suppose you know if Schmidt has done any other recordings? Since I have a name now, I can obviously look around, but doesn't hurt to get information from someone who may know.

Excellent illustration work. Sort of reminds me of "Where the Wild Things Are" in some ways. Is there any chance of desktop backgrounds or other material being developed?